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This section of the OLAC website is intended to be used by State Support Team (SST) personnel and other educators (e.g., OLAC-certified facilitators) working on a full- or part-time basis to support districts in the effective use of the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) to support higher levels of student, educator, and organizational learning. It is also relevant to SST personnel whose primary work may be other than direct OIP facilitation since the OIP serves as the foundation for district-wide continuous improvement in the majority of Ohio school districts.

SST personnel who are well versed in the use of the OIP understand that it is not a program, nor is the term "OIP" synonymous with the plan developed by districts and schools at Stage 2 of the process. Rather than dictating what districts should or must do, the OIP is designed to assist districts in examining their own practice and identifying what they need to do to improve, while providing a mechanism for helping district leadership teams (DLTs), building leadership teams (BLTs), and teacher-based teams (TBTs) gain the collective and strategic focus necessary for district-wide follow through and continuous improvement. As a structured process that relies on the use of a connected set of web-based tools, the OIP can be used and adapted by districts to enact research-based essential leadership practices outlined in the second edition of Ohio's Leadership Development Framework (Ohio Leadership Advisory Council, 2013).

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Part I: Educators in Southern/Southeastern Ohio Join Forces to Address Critical State Shortages

"Districts and families in our part of the state are desperate. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't get a panicked call from a district asking for help in finding an interpreter, a teacher, anyone who can support a child with a hearing or visual impairment," explained Dr. Doug Sturgeon, Associate Professor in Shawnee State University's Department of Teacher Education and Principal Investigator of the Broadening Horizons project.

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Putting Districts First! SST 16 Builds Regional Capacity to Improve Student and Adult Learning

State Support Team (SST) 16 serves 24 districts, seven county boards of developmental disabilities, four career centers, and a variety of other agencies across an eight-county region.

"Our number one non-negotiable as a staff is that we put districts first when it comes to all of our work," said Heather Wolfe, director of SST Region 16.

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From Silos to Systems: Integration of Core Work at the Heart of SST Region 4 and Painesville City Local Schools' Partnership to Create Sustainable Improvement on Behalf of All Learners

"Integrated work is our number one non-negotiable," stated State Support Team (SST) Region 4 consultant Liesl Blackwell. Blackwell, who serves as lead SST consultant assigned to the Painesville City Local School District.

SST Region 4 serves districts, agencies, and families in the Lake and Geauga counties of northeast Ohio.

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