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New Webinar on Performance Coaching

Do you need help achieving the goals set forth at your school?

The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) is excited to introduce our latest Webinar - Performance Coaching. Now available at OhioLeadership.org, Performance Coaching focuses on helping school leaders achieve the goals that they have identified to be important for their school. This Webinar will help you create a 100-day plan, where coaches work with their teams to identify high impact action steps for accomplishing goals. Learn more about early identification of and commitment to a project.

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Need to Develop a Professional Growth Plan? OLAC's Evaluation Crosswalk Can Help

Ohio's new evaluation systems offer the opportunity for more consistent and cohesive approach to professional growth and improvement. However, creating professional growth plans and managing the professional growth process can be cumbersome tasks without the right tools.

That's why the Evaluation Crosswalk is one of the most frequently accessed tools on the OLAC website. The crosswalks are designed to help superintendents, principals, and teachers plan for professional development. The crosswalks align the superintendent, principal, and teacher standards to guiding questions, relevant OLAC modules, and other reputable learning resources that can be used to enrich performance and deepen engagement in school improvement processes.

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