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Spring Resolutions and Planning for Summer

It may seem strange to make spring resolutions—it’s been months since new year’s, and resolutions have long come and gone by now.


But for educators, spring is the best time to make resolutions. The current school year is beginning to wind down, and planning for summer and next year is in full swing.


OLAC has a number of tools and resources to help during this spring planning period so you can make the most of the next couple of months and plan for a great start to the 2016-2017 school year.

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Finding More Hours in the Day

Creative Solutions for Making the Most of Teacher-Based Teams

At OLAC, we believe in the power of teacher-based teams (TBTs) and their ability to help schools and districts develop capacity at all levels. In short, by working together, we can all get better.

One challenge districts and schools face is making time during the school day for TBTs to meet. Between instructional time, planning periods and all the additional responsibilities teachers have during the day, there isn't much extra time for teachers to meet with their TBTs, and the time spent together is not always effective.

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