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Ideas for Summer Professional Learning

Looking for research-based professional learning resources for yourself or your team? Summer is the perfect time to invest in professional learning. And there's no better way to grow your leadership capacity than with free resources!

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Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning is a process through which adults and children—so teachers and students benefit from this approach—to understand, acquire, and then develop the attitudes and the skills to do the following things:

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Lead the Way: Ideas And Insights for Education Leaders

OLAC believes in the power of leadership as a lever for improved instructional practice and school performance. And we believe that leadership should not be viewed as a role, but as a set of essential practices directed toward the improvement of instruction with the ultimate aim of increasing students' learning.

The way we improve instructional practice and school performance is by providing educators with the structures and resources necessary to develop shared leadership at every level of the school system...

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Questions And Answers About OLAC's Resources to Support Ohio Revised Gifted Operating Standards

Guest Blog: Dr. Aimee Howley, Professor Emeritus, Ohio University

In December, the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) launched a series of new professional learning resources that satisfy the 30-hour, year one requirement for teachers working with gifted students in the regular classroom. These resources address the purposes and objectives specified in the Ohio Department of Education, Gifted Education Professional Development Resource Guide (2017).

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