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Updated OLAC Modules Launched

At the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC), we're proud to offer more than 20 online learning modules on a variety of topics, allowing educators at all levels to experience anytime, anywhere professional learning.

Every year, approximately one-third of these learning modules are updated. This process ensures that the research is current and the information and tools within the modules better meet the needs of those doing the work.

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Integrating All Students

Using RTI to meet students where they are

At the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC), one of our main goals is to help educators meet the unique learning needs of all students. As you enjoy summer break, now is a great time to think about ways in which your district, building, or classroom can incorporate new strategies in the 2016-2017 school year to make sure you are challenging ALL learners—regardless of if they are special education, gifted, or somewhere in between.

A number of our learning modules and webinars feature specific information about meeting these unique learning needs, including the Learning Supports and Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners modules.

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