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Finding More Hours in the Day

Creative Solutions for Making the Most of Teacher-Based Teams

At OLAC, we believe in the power of teacher-based teams (TBTs) and their ability to help schools and districts develop capacity at all levels. In short, by working together, we can all get better.

One challenge districts and schools face is making time during the school day for TBTs to meet. Between instructional time, planning periods and all the additional responsibilities teachers have during the day, there isn't much extra time for teachers to meet with their TBTs, and the time spent together is not always effective.

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One SSTs Review of The Facilitator Hub

I recently followed the recommendation of the banners flashing across the OLAC website and checked out the section called "The Facilitator Hub." Nestled into a section of the website under the CERTIFIED FACILITATORS tab, I found a framework and a series of tools that will prove extremely useful for SST consultants and others supporting the OIP. 

One of our biggest challenges as regional facilitators is our ability to stay current and connected ourselves as we work within a system where best practice is constantly evolving. The ability to obtain and analyze data rapidly means that we have to be ready to respond rapidly, as state and federal requirements for improvement change regularly, district leadership changes frequently, and even facilitators of the OIP turnover.

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