December 2013 Action Forum

Presentation materials and handouts from the December 2013 Action Forum, Focus On: Managing Change Through Collaborative Teams, are now available.

Learning Teams - The Next Challenge
Presenter: Dr. Brian McNulty, The Leadership and Learning Center
Improving the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) (PDF)

BLT and TBT Integration: Mount Vernon High School's Journey In OIP
Presenters: Mount Vernon High School Teacher-Based Team
BLT and TBT Integration with CFA (PDF)

TBTS: Taking The Meeting To The Classroom
Presenters: Green Elementary Team - Jodi Armstrong, Elementary Principal; Rhonda Sprouse, Grade 1 Teacher; Maryellen Meden, Intervention Specialist; Rebecca Biever, RtI Teacher; Jessica McIlhenny, Guidance Counselor
TBTs - From the Meeting to the Classroom (PDF)

The TBT Five-Step Process In Action
Presenters: Wooster City Schools Grade 2 Teacher Team - Karen Arbogast, Director of Elementary Education; Suzi Parker, Grade 2 Teacher; Julie Beckett, Grade 2 Teacher; Kayli Egli, Grade 2 Teacher; Rose Reed, Title I Reading Teacher; Kate Kandel, Kean Elementary Principal; and Jessica Klaus, School Psychologist
Resource 21C: TBT 5-Step Process Meeting Agenda and Minutes Template (PDF)
QR Code: 2nd Grade TBT 5 Step Process (PDF)

Moving Students Forward Through Effective TBT Planning And Data-Driven Instruction
Presenters: Ripley Union Lewis Huntington High School Social Studies Team - Douglas Bowery; Matthew Folkerth; Kelly Bierley; and Jacqueline Schussler
Moving Students Forward