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Collaborative School Improvement Processes

The effort to implement leadership teams, foster collaboration among their members, and build a collaborative school culture that values inquiry and shared leadership is a complex one; and it typically takes a lot of time. This workshop helps prepare school principals to lead such an extensive and complex effort. Through readings, videos, and activities, the three units that comprise the workshop provide insights about the processes, norms, and structures needed for collaboration across teams that include various stakeholders. The workshop contains three units, the first of which helps principals understand what to expect when putting collaborative processes into place. It examines conditions and procedures for effective collaboration, showing principals how to monitor teams' effectiveness and assist teams in making mid-course corrections. The second unit focuses on the connections between collaborative structures and the processes they support. Of particular concern in this unit are effective ways to structure Teacher-Based Teams (TBTs) and Building Level Teams (BLTs) for the work of analyzing relevant data, identifying evidence-based instructional practices, and promoting a culture of shared accountability. Drawing on information from an initiative known as Moving Your Numbers, Unit three presents case studies from successful school districts to demonstrate how collaborative processes function to promote high-quality, inclusive education.

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Working in Teacher-Based Teams

This workshop focuses on how Teacher Based Teams can contribute to improvements in student outcomes by using existing data, generating new data, functioning to hold all team members accountable for student learning, and monitoring progress. It also assists teams in learning about effective collaboration, group process, and communication within and across teams of professionals. Through participation in workshop activities, teachers will become better able to work as instructional leaders in an environment dependent on data-based decision-making.

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Differentiating Instruction

This workshop, which is designed primarily for practicing teachers, explores topics related to differentiation of instruction. Its three units focus respectively on: principles of differentiation, the use of data-based decision-making to support differentiated instruction, and specific techniques that make differentiated instruction workable.

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New Workshops for College Credit

  1. Effective Board / Superintendent Governance (PDF)
  2. Implementing Effective Board / Superintendent Governance (PDF)
  3. The Teacher-Based Team Process (PDF)
  4. Implementing Teacher-Based Teams (PDF)

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